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Instructor Kevin Auld's piping site.


Instructor Marcie MacRae's website


The Washington Piper's Association - our local pipers' club, hosting monthly solo competitions for pipers and drummers.

Shorecrest High School Pipe Band

Many NWJPB members attend Shorecrest High School and play in the Shorecrest Highlander Marching Band, which features a pipe band and highland dancers.

The Tartan Thistle

Our local piping, drumming and highland dancing supply shop - located on Whidbey Island.

Pipe Bands - Grade I

These are world class pipe bands.

Field Marshal Montgomery PB

World champions - from Northern Ireland

Simon Fraser University PB

aka: "SFU"    4 time world champions, our neighbors in Vancouver BC

Saint Lawrence O'Toole PB

A hot band from Ireland, definitely on the rise.

Alberta Caledonia PB

A fabulous band with incredible musical style and a lot of attitude.

Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia PB

One of the most amazing pipe bands in history.

Triumph Street Pipe Band

From Vancouver BC, the hottest band on the rise in North America. Won the Grade 2 North American Championships in 2007. Triumph Street is also a great supporter of NWJPB. Three NWJPB alumni play with TSPB.

78th Fraser Highlanders PB

A very cool band. These guys have recorded many albums, you should buy them all.

Manawatu Scottish Society PB

A fantastic Grade 1 from New Zealand.

More Grade I and II bands here

Bagpipe Web Directory list of Grade 1&2 bands.

Youth Pipe Bands


Shorecrest High School PB

The Shoreline Youth Pipe Band's older sibling.

Sir James MacDonald PB

A fantastic youth pipe band organization from Portland, Oregon. Good friends of the NWJPB as well.

White Spot PB

A very good youth band from BC, sponsored by White Spot restaurants.

Robert Malcom Memorial PB

A VERY good (and large!) youth band from BC. Part of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band organization.

St Joseph's Pipe & Drum Corps

A great bunch of kids playing pipes and drums in Sandpoint Idaho

More youth bands here

Bagpipe Web Directory list of Juvenile bands

Other Pipe Bands

Washington Scottish PB

One of the oldest bands in the Pacific Northwest, the WSPB helped with the isntruction of the NWJPB for many years.

Maple Ridge PB

Grade II band from Maple Ridge, BC - up north. A very cool band that plays great music. They have an outstanding tenor drum section and a snazzy website as well!

More WA State pipe bands here

Washington Pipers Association list of WA bands.

Piping News Sources


Pipes|Drums Magazine

The premier piping and drumming magazine, both online and in print. The most up to date information, informative articles and most entertaining visitor polls.

Piping Today Magazine

A new, and very popular, piping publication from the National Piping Centre in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Voice Magazine

Produced by the Eastern US Pipe Band Association. Mostly a print magazine, but they have some good info on their website as well.

Piping and PB Associations

Produced by the Bruce Campbell and Duntroon Publishing. Delivered regularly via email, more than 20,000 subscribers world wide.  Free subscription!

Washington Pipers' Association

Our local piping association.

BC Pipers Association

The reigning piping association in this region.

Western US PB Association

The, um, Western US Pipe Band Association

Royal Scottish PB Association

The "RSPBA" is the world authority when it comes to competitive pipe band stuff.





What is this thing called piobaireachd (pea-brock)? Find out more here.

Andrew Lenz's Bagpipe Journey

Andrew Lenz's big huge website, full of all sorts of usefull and entertaining piping information.


Bagpipe Tuning

A "long-winded explanation on how bagpipes are tuned". This is helpful if you are already a musician and have questions about how bagpipes tune compared to other instruments.

Gibson Bagpipes

Maker of fine handcrafted bagpipes.




Very nice website "dedicated to improving the profile of tenor drumming in the pipe band community."


Nonprofit Interest



A fabulous site sponsored by "Action Without Borders", allowing folks to donate to their favorite nonprofit right online!

General Information



A one-stop portal to everything having to do with piping on the web. Check out the forums.

The Bagpipe Web Directory

The mega piping website on the internet. Over 3000 updated links to everything under the sun related to bagpipes. Created by our friend Bob Dunsire. A great place to do research, answer questions, or just have fun.

Piper's Dictionary

By Andrew Lenz. This is a great place to go when you run into a piping word or phrase that confuses the heck out of you. It's also fun just to browse. Pipers say the darndest things!


Fun Stuff


The latest, coolest multimedia site for piping and Celtic music. Piping radio, mp3 downloads and more.

Bob Dunsire's Piping Forum

A family-friendly online forum for fun, intelligent and informative conversation about pipes, drums, etc.

The Bagpipes go to the movies

Good fun.

How to become a rotten piper

By Andrew Lenz. This article is poking fun at all the things that pipers can do to really mess up their playing. Please read this with a sense of humor.

BC Pipers Association photo albums

Tons of photos from our local highland games and gatherings. You might even see someone you know!


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